Bio Root Barrier: What is it for and how does it work?

Permeable Root Barrier - Bio-root x

BioRoot-Barrier X is incredibly versatile due to it being tough, flexible and permeable. In addition, it works as a biological barrier. It has a micro-perforated copper foil layer firmly embedded between two layers of geotextile (woven and non-woven). The copper releases an inert chemical signal to which roots are adverse, deflecting them away from the barrier.

This barrier is truly multi-purpose and suitable for most applications and where water and nutrient flow is important, this barrier is the answer. Conventional root barrier often creates a ‘wet side’ once it has been installed which, naturally, attracts plant roots. BioRoot-Barrier X alleviates this problem by massively reducing wet-side build up.

BioRoot-X has yet another talent in that it can be physically bonded in to many types of building construction at foundation level, forming an incredibly strong seal against root ingress.

  • Dual protection (physical & biological)
  • Multi-purpose composite barrier
  • Sheets can be welded together
  • Flexible - can be cut and effectively resealed to fit around services and foundations
  • Inert with a 50 year service life expectancy
Applications BioRoot-Barrier X
Type of Barrier: Permeable, flexible, composite sheet with copper foil layer.
Lining service trenches:  Yes
Vertical and horizontal foundation faces  Yes
Aggressive plant root/rhizome containment e.g. Bamboo  Yes
Japanese knotweed rhizome growth containment  Yes
Capping-off knotweed in traffic areas  Yes
Trees & wind movement  Yes
Shrinkable soils & tree roots  Yes
Vertical barrier  Yes
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Japanese knotweed will seek and exploit any weakness in a root barrier installation. BioRoot-Barrier X is a practical solution, acting as both a signal barrier inhibiting aggressive root growth, and as a physical barrier making it more able to withstand the rigours of a building site. When correctly installed, BioRoot-Barrier X provides the highest level of protection against Japanese knotweed ingress. In most cases, BioRoot-Barrier X negates the need for protective sand or fleece layers.