Root Barrier Types: A realistic way of stopping weeds!

Root Barrier Types and Uses

PBA Solutions offers specialist permeable root barriers, flexible root barriers and rigid root deflectors, along with an expanding range of geo-membranes. We have over fifteen years’ project experience of specifying, designing and installing robust root barrier solutions utilising a broad range of products and installation techniques.

Take a look at the root barrier solutions we can provide below and their suitability for your need. We sell all of our root barrier products per roll or, if you require off the roll, in multiples of 5 metre lengths. Click the links for each product to find out more.

Root Barrier Permeable Root Barrier Flexible Root Barrier Semi-Rigid Root Barrier
Product name BioRoot-Barrier X FlexiRoot Barrier UV5 & UV10 VertRoot-Barrier
Type of Barrier Permeable, composite, copper foil layer, flexible sheet Impermeable, reinforced, flexible sheet  Impermeable, semi-rigid sheet
Lining service trenches Yes Yes* Yes
Vertical & horizontal foundation faces Yes Yes Yes
Aggressive plant root/rhizome containment e.g. Bamboo Yes Yes Yes
Japanese knotweed containment Yes Yes* No
Capping off knotweed, traffic areas Yes Yes* No
Shrinkable soils & tree roots Yes Yes Yes
Vertical barrier including knotweed Yes - requires support Yes - requires support Yes - 2 metre depth
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 *Additional protection: sand layer or fleece to protect barrier against sharp objects.