Meet the Team at PBA Solutions

PBA Key Personnel

Jonathan Ash, Technician, Surveyor

jon ash - pba team

With a background, qualifications and lots of talent in horticulture and garden design, Jon is the go-to man in the office for questions to do with species identification (and the best time for pruning roses, apple trees, hydrangeas etc). As he’s not old enough to sport any wrinkles as yet, he’s also the one we turn to when something weird happens with our mobiles/tablets/computers. With seven years of experience working for PBA, Jon has been central in developing our CAD and GPS /GIS capabilities. Jon is NPTC PA1/6AW qualified, as well as being a PCA qualified technician for invasive weeds.

Jonathan Barton, Director

jon barton - pba team

With over twenty years’ experience in horticulture and landscape management, as well as a BSc honours degree in Land Based Enterprise, Jon took over the running of PBA Solutions in 2007 and has developed the company to become an established force in the field of invasive weed control. Jon also owns and runs PBA Consulting, our sister company, dealing with treescape management issues for a wide range of clients. Being so busy inevitably means that Jon requires regular refreshment, with the drink of choice being coffee. A famed connoisseur of the brown stuff, Jon will refuse to drink a cup if it is deemed not to be up to the appropriate standard. Jon is NPTC PA1/6AW qualified, as well as being a PCA qualified surveyor and technician for invasive weeds and a CSCS card holder.

Steve Blackmore, Technician, Surveyor

steve - pba team

A relative newcomer to the team, Steve has brought some diversity to the staff structure, with a BSc (hons) in Biology and a MSc in Conservation Ecology, making him the most highly qualified member of the PBA team. Despite already being able to write lots of letters after his name, Steve is currently studying for a Level 4 Diploma in Arboriculture. Handy with a chainsaw, Steve worked in forestry and in plant science before joining us. Steve is NPTC PA1/6AW qualified, a PCA qualified technician for invasive weeds and a CSCS card holder.

Samantha Cooke, Office Administrator

samantha - pba team

Our logistics expert and the friendly voice on the phone, Sam is great at resolving all manner of issues for our clients. Originally hailing from England, Sam’s years spent growing up in New Zealand gave her the right to legitimately claim the All Blacks as her own, as well as a funny accent. Sam came to PBA via many years dealing with logistics and scheduling (as well as lots of grumpy men) at one of the southern hemisphere’s busiest container ports. Sam is instrumental in making sure that everyone at PBA knows where they should be at any given moment in time - no mean feat!

Phil Cox, Technician, Surveyor

phil - pba team

After many years as a teacher, Phil decided to leave it all behind and get a real job some years ago, moving into a career in sales. Initially brought in to PBA as sales and marketing development, Phil found that once he’d got his teeth into some tasty invasive weeds, he couldn’t let go. Now a fully trained and accredited JK surveyor and technician, Phil stunned the invasive weeds world in 2015 by being named Student of The Year 2015 by the PCA in the PCAQT (Japanese knotweed) qualification. Phil is PA1/6AW qualified, a PCA qualified surveyor and technician for invasive weeds and a CSCS card holder.