Invasive Weed Management

A huge number of non-native plants have been introduced to the UK over the years and, whilst many of these have enhanced our habitat, some have a negative impact on the natural and built environment and are listed in Schedule 9 of The Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981). Indeed, there is now an increased focus on promoting bio-security and regulation of invasive species. See PBA’s invasive weed management services below.


Because invasive weeds can engulf gardens and wreck our native ecosystems, they require specialist control and, in some cases, eradication. Common amongst these invasive weeds are Japanese knotweedHimalayan balsam and giant hogweed. Some plants less commonly recognised as invasive (Schedule 9) plants include: Montbretia, Cotoneaster and Giant rhubarb (or Gunnera).

All Schedule 9 plant species, including aquatic invasives, should be dealt with professionally. There are, however, many other nuisance weeds which are just as problematic and costly* for landowners, developers, local authorities and property management organisations. Troublesome native or naturalised UK plant species include Ragwort, Horsetail, Ground elder and Hemlock.

*The cost of invasive non-native species (INNS) in the UK is at least £1.7 billion per year. Much of this cost is borne by the agriculture and horticulture sector, but many other sectors, including transport, construction, aquaculture, recreation and utilities, are also affected. Japanese knotweed alone is estimated to cost the British economy around £166 million per year”

PBA provides invasive weed surveys, invasive weed management plans, and consultancy along with effective treatment and control solutions for all invasive and nuisance weed species. Take a look through our website for more information on invasive weed management or simply get in touch. Call us on 020 3174 2187 or 01202 816134 or email us using

Source: Non-Native Species Secretariat, 2010.


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