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Bamboo | 04th May 2022

Invasive bamboo and removing bamboo: BBC Radio Wiltshire questions answered

The background:

BBC Radio Wiltshire reporter, Matt, has 15-20ft. bamboo at the back of his garden that, whilst providing privacy from the neighbours, is spreading fast! Small but sturdy off-shoots are appearing and becoming a hazard in the garden for the family, and in particular for 2-year old daugther, Ivy. Why is removing bamboo proving such an issue?

Lots of shoots have emerged that are ‘rock-hard’, and now 1-3 inches in height. It appears that the previous owner even made attempts to remove or slow progress, chopping the bamboo to no effect. How can Matt deal with bamboo removal and restore the play area for Ivy?’

Listen to Jon’s advice about bamboo removal:

Remedies tried:

Despite efforts made by Matt to deal with the bamboo using herbicide, and taking an alternative approach advised by his father to use diesel – nothing has worked! BBC Radio Wiltshire Colleagues suggested that it could easily get out of control and any remedy would cost thousands to implement. Matt wants to know what steps to take next.

Bamboo advice from PBA Solutions:

PBA Solutions’s MD, Jon Barton, provides further information on why bamboo spreads and remedies that can be implemented to combat it.

What makes bamboo thrive in the UK?

It’s an invasive plant not from this country, yet growing conditions are perfect for bamboo and other invasive plant species. The Guiness book of world records has crowned bamboo the fastest growing plant on the planet.

Bamboo removal

Tackling bamboo present at a residential property is tough for any homeowner or tenant to approach on their own, as it’s a highly labour-intensive task. Trying to remove bamboo roots (or specifically the rhizomes) with hand tools alone, would be a mammoth task.

PBA uses mini-excavators to dig it out the bamboo completely, the advantage of this method being that bamboo rhizome and roots are quite shallow and perfectly suited to the abilities of the excavator.

Matt’s Case Study:

Visible bamboo covering an area: 8 x 8 foot.

Work required:

  • Bamboo root removal using a mini-excavator
  • Removal of infested waste off-site
  • Follow up monitoring

Estimated price: £1.5-2K plus VAT*

*Case instances vary based on client requirements. PBA Solutions can offer quotations based on bamboo removal and control based on visits from members of the team, or pre-arranged virtual visits that allow the client to present the problem and receive swift feedback.

Taking the next step:

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