Buddleia roots damage discussed by PBA in The Sun

Other Invasives | 05th June 2023

Whilst Buddleia (Buddleja) davidii has yet to be listed as a Schedule 9 plant, it is a non-native plant species, and it is certainly invasive.  The answer to the question, do buddleia roots cause damage? Yes. However, the real problem lies in the fact that a single plant produces many thousands of seeds and that those can take root in the most inhospitable and inconvenient of places.

This weekend (3rd June 2023), PBA Solutions MD, Jon Barton, discussed with The Sun the issues with the plant and how it spreads, buddleia damage to buildings and how to get rid of buddleia. Current estimates by DEFRA estimate the cost of structural damage caused by buddleia to be £960,000 per year. Although, this seems a very conservative amount when you can so frequently see buddleia growing from a building or chimney stack on a stroll down any given high street.

WEED IT OUT I’m a gardening expert – urgent warning over plant that’s worse than Japanese Knotweed & can knock value off your home

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PBA’s MD discusses how this isn’t just a problem for home owners, for several years buddleia roots damage has been a big problem for Network Rail. Many buildings and bridges have the plant present in some very tricky to access places.

Buddleia growing from a bridge arch

Buddleia growing from a railway bridge arch

Recent press has highlighted the problem more and after the piece went live The Mirror also covered The Sun’s article and discussed concerns about buddleia damage to buildings:

Urgent warning over plant worse than Japanese Knotweed invading UK homes

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Antony Thrower’s piece notes that in some ways buddleia can be worse than Japanese knotweed because the sheer number of seeds create a situation that is difficult to control. However, the consequence of ignoring the plant once established can be quite severe.

Buddleia beside a bin and street art

Buddleia beside a bin and street art

If you are concerned about buddleia growing in your garden, or from an expected place at your property, contact our team today for advice on next steps.

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