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Japanese Knotweed | 05th June 2017

With the last frosts past and warm weather calling us out into burgeoning gardens, now is the time we think about garden improvements. I’m not thinking a rash of hanging baskets, but of more permanent structures like patios, decking, gazebos, conservatories, garden rooms, log cabins and similar. Any of these will take serious investment and planning exactly needs to be done, bearing in mind any possible downsides that need to be considered as well.

Earth movement is a natural consequence of excavations for your new log cabin or patios, however, one aspect you will need to be wary of is the impact Japanese knotweed could have on your plans. If you know that you have had Japanese knotweed in the past, or suspect that it is present on your land you will need to take extra precautions. You need to make sure that you are not disturbing ground that has formerly been the home of Japanese knotweed. This plant is well known for its tenacity at surviving many years hidden deep below the surface, only to pop back up when the land has been disturbed and brought rhizomes, even fragments of dormant rhizome to near the surface.

If disturbing ground where Japanese knotweed has been growing is unavoidable please contact PBA Solutions regarding dig-out and root barrier options. These additions can mean that your project can still go ahead, and that your site is made safe for the future.

You may not know but legally you cannot take soil contaminated with Japanese knotweed to the local council dump, or even remove it from your property without a licence. Which is why a properly licenced company like PBA Solutions needs to be called in to help.

So plans to upgrade your gardens and add value to your property could backfire with the presence or resurgence of Japanese knotweed.  Here at PBA Solutions we will certainly be able to help and advise you of the best way to manage your particular situation to a successful project completion.

If you are fortunate enough not to have Japanese knotweed, you can cross this one off your list and get planning! Happy garden improvements!


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