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Japanese Knotweed | 04th July 2017

Here at PBA Solutions we offer an “ID MY Weed” service via our website. We are always interested to see your pictures and either confirm identification as Japanese knotweed, or calm your fears by recognising which other plant it might be. We were recently contacted by a lady who had spotted Japanese knotweed flowers in the hedgerow while out walking near her home and wanted to know if this needed to be reported.

We were able to confirm that the photo she sent us was indeed Japanese knotweed and that the local council should be notified of its presence. The council had a very helpful page about the responsibilities surrounding the presence of Japanese knotweed and its treatment. Their advice is worth sharing.

Responsibility for the treatment of Japanese knotweed lies with the landowner. “The local Council and Environment Agency are not obliged to control Knotweed on behalf of other landowners. If the Knotweed is affecting your land the best solution is to co-operate with your neighbours to try and control the problem together, by sharing costs or labour, for instance. Wherever possible it is best to encourage co-operation and support within the community to control and prevent any further spread of the weed. Where Japanese Knotweed is found on land within the Council’s control the Council will take appropriate action to minimise the risk of spread and where appropriate endeavour to eradicate it in line with current good practice.

Please note that treatment does not automatically follow reporting. It is not the responsibility of The Environment Agency or the County Council to provide this service to landowners. The County Council will endeavour to control Japanese Knotweed where it is on Council property, within the highway verge or on public rights of way.”

If you are concerned about potential Japanese knotweed on your property you can use our ID MY WEED service. We can either put your mind to rest, or if it is Japanese knotweed we can give you a quotation for putting a treatment plan in place depending on your requirements. So what’s not to like? Snap a pic of your plant and send it in.

ID My Weed 
Question – “Is this Japanese knotweed?”

Answer – “No, although it looks similar to Japanese knotweed, this photo is actually of Lilac.”

Fiona Aucott 19/6/2017


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