Ivy Removal – the only way is up

Other Invasives | 02nd December 2022

Although ivy is a native plant to the UK, its invasive properties mean that a specialist approach is required for ivy removal.

One of our London clients needed the whole side and roof of a house to be released from the grip of ivy. Here is a brief video.


Not all instances of ivy need to be tackled in this way. There have been many discussions about the pros and cons of ivy among architectural conservationists, gardeners and wildlife enthusiasts. In the right place it can provide nectar for insects, nesting places and berries for birds and ground cover for small mammals.

Ivy is a native to the UK but it inveigles its way into all sorts of places where it is not wanted. Houses often fall prey to this tenacious adherent.  It can be quite a task to remove it from the walls.

PBA have a number of customers who have asked us to tackle this plant for them. This London site suffered from rampant Ivy growth that needed professional removal.

If you need help with ivy removal, send us some pictures to info@pba-solutions.com and we will call you back to discuss the situation.

Or you can just give us a call on 0203 174 2187 and talk about ivy with us.


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