Japanese knotweed features in BBC Rip Off Britain

Japanese Knotweed | 20th June 2018

Japanese knotweed features in BBC Rip Off Britain

This week the BBC programme Rip-off Britain ran an item on the little known way in which Japanese knotweed influences properties from a distance.  This becomes key when buying and selling a property as mortgage lenders can offer mixed responses to the presence of Japanese knotweed. The presenter highlighted the problem of controlling knotweed in a neighbouring property which is a real issue as you have to rely on others to address the situation, and you have less control over the outcome.

Property developers of new buildings were highlighted in the programme as they are not bound by the same due diligence as private sellers. They don’t need to complete the TA6 form to determine whether Japanese knotweed has been or is present. If there is Japanese knotweed in the vicinity the new home owner may not be aware of this until it begins growing again in the spring.

This non-disclosure could affect the resaleability and the value of their new home, especially if the Japanese Knotweed is within 7m of the dwelling, which is regarded by RICS as a category 4 risk, the highest level.

Whilst highlighting the problem the programme failed to provide an adequate way forward for home owners caught in this situation. They could have explained that you need to contact an accredited specialist to review and appraise a property prior to purchase. The leading accreditation organisation for is the Property Care Association (PCA) who are well regarded by lenders. There are also channels for redress should the seller had deliberately mislead the buyer.

PBA Solutions can offer impressive credentials to potential customers. PBA Solutions were a founder member of the Invasive Weed Group at the PCA and we undertake surveys using our experienced trained team of surveyors.  PBA Solutions MD Jon Barton was instrumental in writing the RICS document on Japanese knotweed and has first-hand experience in all aspects of Japanese knotweed management and mortgages. Furthermore PBA have links with mortgage advisers so that our clients, or their buyers, can still get a mortgage on a property with Japanese knotweed at a competitive rate.

So if you are concerned about a property you are selling or buying we can offer you a tailored solution.  If Japanese knotweed is present within the property boundary we can offer our Japanese Knotweed Mortgage Compliant Management plan, using a herbicide regimen, monitoring and an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

If Japanese Knotweed is not present in your land but you are concerned that it might encroach from a neighbouring property, we can offer another solution for ensuring that your neighbour’s knotweed is kept at bay. We can protect your property by installing a specialist root barrier along the shared boundary.

So if you are concerned about the possible impact of selling or buying a property that may be impacted by Japanese knotweed, PBA can offer a solution.

Fiona Aucott – June 2018


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