Online root barrier shop launched by PBA Solutions

Root Barrier | 27th April 2022

From today (27th April 2022), the PBA Solution’s online root barrier shop, (RBS), is officially open for business.

Created to cater for all root barrier membrane needs, the root barrier shop continues PBA’s long-standing relationship servicing the Japanese knotweed and landscaping communities. However, it has also been designed with residential customers in mind, providing high-quality, affordable root barrier in convenient and bespoke sizes.

What does Root Barrier Systems sell?

The offerings can be broadly categorised as follows:

  • Japanese knotweed root barrier
  • Bamboo root barrier
  • Tree root barrier
  • Tree root director ring

Root Barrier Systems’ range of permeable and non-permeable root barriers have been scientifically designed to cope with most challenging invasive plants. The range includes tree rings, and membrane solutions for any UK or non-native plant that requires root containment.

Root barrier brands include:

CuTex Permeable Root Barrier – the most advanced Japanese knotweed barrier solution on the market. A composite permeable root barrier with a unique construction that incorporates a micro-perforated copper foil layer that emits Cu2+ ions to inhibit root growth and cause progressive root collapse. The only root barrier membrane that has been independently assessed for its ability to provide an effective root barrier for Japanese knotweed.

FlexiRoot Non-Permeable Root Barrier– providing class-leading puncture resistance that is perfect for blocking bamboo and other aggressive plant species. FlexiRoot is a tough, non-permeable barrier constructed from a woven HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) material core reinforced and coated on both sides with LDPE/LLDPE film. A versatile membrane suitable for a range of applications and is ideal for installation into confined and/or complex spaces.

‘For over a decade PBA Consulting Solutions, the parent Company of has been pioneering root barrier installation, and as a result, our arboricultural consultants and invasive weed technicians have first-hand experience in designing and installing all forms of root barriers for Japanese knotweed, tree root deflection, bamboo containment and tree subsidence. Therefore, I’m delighted to open our shop so that we can make our root barrier solutions available for everyone.’

 Jon Barton, Managing Director of Root Barrier Systems

Residential Customers

RBS offers an extensive range of professional-quality permeable and non-permeable root barriers in a range of convenient sizes, giving residential customers access to root membrane solutions normally reserved for commercial clients. A friendly service, with installation advice provided upon request to residential customers who require additional assistance with their purchase.

Commercial Clients

Root Barrier Systems provides a unique proposition for the commercial client:

  • The best permeable and non-permeable root barrier solutions
  • Every product field tested by the RBS parent company, PBA Solutions
  • A range of sizes and a bespoke cut-to-order service
  • Installation advice and phone assistance
  • Trade discounts for volume and to get started

RBS aims to provide the very best root barrier purchasing experience, via a combination of the best quality products and a service that offers everything you could need. You can contact RBS for advice about the best solution for your job, for every ancillary product that you require (including fleece and joining tape), and even installation advice. Providing you with the confidence that you’ve delivered value and the highest standards for your customer.

About Root Barrier Systems

Root Barrier Systems was launched in 2018 as an online shop for Trading Company PBA Solutions (Landscape) Ltd. PBA Solutions has been providing Japanese knotweed & Invasive weed remediation (herbicide treatment & excavation) for over 20 years.


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