A prerequisite for house buying or mortgage lending, and endorsed by the Environment Agency for development sites. A Japanese knotweed Management Plan is fundamental to successful knotweed control.

With such a variance in the quality of documents of this type being produced, how can you know what you’re buying and whether it will meet your requirements?

A Knotweed Management Plan that meets your needs

Objectives, knotweed control options, threats, and limitations clearly set out; a Management Plan should provide clarity while meeting defined criteria. The objective for homebuyers will be getting a mortgage, whilst developers need to know that remediation measures will be competitive but also robust and viable, ensuring the invasive species will not interfere with their new construction.

Know What You’re Buying!

  • Use a PCA accredited invasive weed control specialist
  • Ensure a trained and qualified surveyor is used
  • Ask to see a sample report
  • Make sure the Management Plan includes a detailed description of the infestation with a photographic record, an explanation of the control options, an accurate scaled drawing and recorded survey data
  • If provided a free document, the chances are it won’t be a Management Plan
  • Some companies use a Management Plan as type of sales document – be cautious!

Need your Japanese Knotweed Management Plan yesterday?

We offer a flexible service where we can get a site inspected and report drawn up within 48 hours. Our availability and your site location will influence timelines, but we’ve heavily invested in technology that automatically processes our surveyors’ findings into technical reports. This not only allows us to quickly process reports, it also allows us to focus our time on providing accurate reports.


Make sure you use a Professional

PBA Solutions has historically always approached work from a consultancy bias. This means that we are used to high expectations and standards. We therefore ensure the delivery of meaningful site assessments and reasoned, well-structured reports that achieve the desired objectives.

Not only that, but we are also properly insured with £2m Professional Indemnity insurance (greater than most) and our work is to ISO 9001 standard. You can depend on the quality of our fully qualified, highly experienced technicians and surveyors.

For comprehensive Management Plans that will keep your project moving, call PBA Solutions on 0203 174 2187 or 01202 816134


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