Developers just need solutions! That’s exactly why a thorough and detailed Japanese knotweed Management plan for developers must cover all of the information you need. Ultimately, it will save time, money and a lot of frustration.

Why do you need a Japanese Knotweed Management Plan?

Firstly, it’s about compliance; You need to comply with Government Regulations being the Environment Agency Regulatory Position Statement 178

Secondly, if you want to sell property Lenders and Solicitors will demand a plan and an insurance backed guarantee. You really must use a specialist who can issue an insurance backed guaranteed, not all treatment providers can. It’s important that you have both, if you have one without the other you’ll trip yourself up!

Getting it right first time

Assessing the knotweed problem, the site constraints and understanding the development objectives are critical, especial when the knotweed remediation is complicated. At PBA we use our management plans to rationalise methodology so that a pragmatic, robust knotweed remediation solution can be found that best meets the needs of the site, financial limitations and our clients’ objectives and time scales.

In essence, the process of completing a knotweed management plan will force a better outcome in the first instance!

Site appraisals

If your contemplating developing a site with knotweed, then a precursor to a management plan is to instruct us to complete a site appraisal. We will then evaluate, quantify, and assess how best to remediate the site; providing indicative costs so that you know how much of a burden knotweed is. You never know, the presence of knotweed is not always as expensive to remediate as you might think.

Be environmentally friendly and save money

Typically, dealing with knotweed onsite (e.g., burial) rather than removing knotweed impacted waste off site is far more cost effective. However, the best results are achieved when knotweed remediation is integrated at design stage, since Japanese knotweed burial can steal space at site, which must be overcome if cost savings are to be had.


In summary

By employing a specialist invasive weed company who have experienced surveyors, Developers are much more likely to achieve their objectives, save time and hopefully money.

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