Any home purchaser requiring a mortgage on a property with Knotweed present requires the correct documentation. PBA’s Japanese Knotweed Management Plans for residential property owners have been designed to address their specific requirements. Lenders will want to see a plan produced by a professional organisation able to offer an insurance backed guarantee on their work, before giving lending approval.


You’ll need a Japanese knotweed Survey

In the first instance, PBA details the extent of the problem.

The Japanese Knotweed survey will include a map that illustrates the location of knotweed at property and adjoining properties, plus photos and a description of the spread and maturity of the knotweed present.

A RICS Risk Assessment Category will also be included, which will give both the reader and mortgage lender an indication of the severity of the problem. Ranging from ‘Management Category A’ where the knotweed is causing visible damage to the property, to ‘Category D’ where the knotweed is on neighbouring land (within 3m of the boundary).

What to expect from a residential Japanese Knotweed management Plan

The plan will detail general information, such as the date and background (reason) for the survey, the name of the surveyor, address of the property and date it was carried out. 

Having outlined the remediation options for you (in the survey), the management plan will detail the approach that will be taken based on the method selected. This could involve a herbicide treatment plan, excavation with off-site soil removal, or on-site cell burial.

Other details covered include the biosecurity policy, which will provide information on how the spread of the plant will be limited. Details about current legislation pertinent to the plan and information about your Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) will also be enclosed.

Your plan isn’t finished until we are

Each visit our technician will detail information about the treatment carried out and take site photos that will demonstrate the progress being made. Once we have completed all works or treatment, you will be presented with a comprehensive document that includes the original plan, the treatment records, and a copy of your insurance certificate.

Points to consider

You should always use a qualified PCA registered professional when seeking advice on dealing with Japanese Knotweed. Before proceeding, ensure that you are happy with the management plan provided. But most importantly, make sure the management plan is backed by an insurance backed guarantee (IBG).

If you want to find out more about Japanese Knotweed Management Plans for residential property owners or require advice about choosing the best Japanese knotweed treatment program for you, call 0203 174 2187 or 01202 816134 to talk to one of our consultants.


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