A detailed history of our company.

PBA was originally set up by Peter Barton, father of our current director Jon, so family values are at the very core of our business.

Originally set up to provide companies and public sector bodies with specialist consultation provision in land management and treescape services, PBA has evolved over the years into a much more practical animal, whilst retaining all the best aspects of the core company values. Consultation and treescape management work is still a vital part of our company make-up; these disciplines are managed by our sister company, PBA Consulting.

As it developed, our focus on invasive weeds led to PBA becoming established as the first company to receive full PCA accreditation for invasive plant species control. We played a central role in working with the RICS to write their white paper, “Japanese Knotweed and Residential Property” and were instrumental in working with the PCA, the Council of Mortgage Lenders and GPI in setting up the Uk’s first independently vetted system for the provision of guaranteed Japanese knotweed treatment packages.

We are proud to be seen as one of the leading specialists in the UK for the control of Japanese knotweed. We’re also proud of our heritage and the standard of our work. Our future focus is to drive for even higher standards across our working practices, providing the best possible service to all our clients and continuing to build our reputation.

We’re an established and trusted company of specialists who have real-life experience and knowledge underpinning every aspect of our work. We’re happy to help where we can and will tell you if we can’t. Unlike some others, we won’t resort to scare tactics and we don’t do the hard sell. We offer honest advice and support, coupled with a robust and practical attitude to getting a job done and doing it well.


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