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With over fifteen years of product specification, design and installation experience, PBA’s root barrier membrane solutions work in the most demanding situations.

Our expanding range of permeable, flexible, and semi-rigid root barriers allows us to find the best root barrier to meet your needs.

Take a look at the root barrier membrane solutions we can provide along with their suitability. We sell all of our root barrier products per roll or, if you require, our barrier is available cut in multiples of 5 metre lengths. Click the links for each product to find out more.

Root Barrier Geocomposite Permeable Root Barrier Flexible Root Barrier Semi-Rigid Root Barrier
Product name CuTex Bio-Root Barrier X Flexi-Root Barrier Verti-Root Barrier
Type of Barrier Permeable, geocomposite, copper foil layer, flexible sheet Impermeable, reinforced, flexible sheet Impermeable, semi-rigid sheet
Lining service trenches Yes Yes* Yes*
Vertical & horizontal foundation faces Yes Yes Yes
Aggressive plant root/rhizome containment e.g. Bamboo/Japanese knotweed Yes Yes Yes
Japanese knotweed containment Yes Yes* No
Capping off areas for Japanese knotweed traffic access Yes No No
Subsidence & tree roots Yes Yes Yes
Vertical barrier including knotweed Yes – requires support Yes – requires support Yes – 2-metre depth
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*Additional protection normally required: sand layer or fleece to protect barrier against sharp objects.

Here at PBA we routinely provide support and guidance on root barrier solutions for civil engineering and construction purposes. Our skilled team of arboricultural and invasive weed consultants have a broad range of expertise in the application of root barriers, and are able to provide solutions for the most demanding situations.

Call PBA Solutions for the best root barrier advice, on 0203 174 2187 or 01202 816134


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