Japanese Knotweed excavation and disposal off-site.

Sometimes, the only way forward when dealing with Japanese knotweed is to get rid of it by excavation and removal off-site.

You may want to develop a site or simply get your garden back. Whatever the reason, PBA Solutions offers straightforward Japanese knotweed excavation and disposal based on years of experience. Our expertise allows us to make sure that only knotweed impacted material is disposed of, saving you time and money and leaving you ready to move forward with confidence.


Typical Excavation Process:

  1. Implement a site survey and complete a Knotweed Management Plan
  2. Make sure there are no other forms of land contamination and get landfill authorisation
  3. Find a licensed waste carrier and arrange for excavation with suitable machinery
  4. Appoint a Knotweed Clerk of Work and undertake works maintaining site hygiene control
  5. After excavation complete treatment and monitoring including to neighbouring land
  6. Provide and issue insurance backed guarantees

The disposal of Japanese knotweed waste, sometimes called a ‘Dig and Dump’, is a process that can easily trip the unwary. Because all knotweed materials are classed as controlled waste, everyone involved in the process has a duty of care, from the landowner to the specialist, the haulage operator and the chosen landfill site. At PBA we manage the whole process for you with an expert touch, taking away the stress of handling controlled waste and ensuring compliance with legislation.

If machinery and personnel can be provided, one of our qualified Japanese Knotweed Clerk of Works will work alongside the main contractor on a Watching Brief, a system which can reduce costs considerably.

Customer Care

For commercial clients who need a Japanese knotweed removal program put in place, we offer a free survey to investigate the problem. From there we will guide you through your options and help you find the best fit solution.

Want a guarantee that’s designed for the job?

Our independent Insurance Backed Guarantees are knotweed-specific, good for up to 10 years, perfect for Japanese knotweed excavation and are available with most of our services. Just call 0203 174 2187 or 01202 816134 and ask for details.

The Essentials of Excavating Japanese Knotweed…

  1. Develop a management plan to demonstrate due diligence
  2. Monitor progress and ensure that site hygiene is enforced at all times
  3. Manage the site, personnel and machinery to reduce the risk of cross-contamination
  4. Manage excavation work to optimise removal of all Japanese knotweed impacted land and prevent unnecessary excavation
  5. Arrange for safe disposal of the Japanese knotweed waste off-site using licenced transportation and disposal to a licensed landfill site.
  6. Provide & hold documentation such as waste carrier records

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