Invasive weed control & Japanese knotweed for Coucils and the Public sector

With large portfolios under your management, we know that it’s hard to keep track of the threats and damage that problems like invasive weeds can inflict. And you know that it’s vital to prevent delays from adding to remediation costs, escalating complaints or empowering potential legal action.


Having established relationships with many rail and highways organisations, housing associations, councils and ALMOs, PBA has developed working practices which meet the demands of our clients in auditing, treating and protecting the outside spaces of their managed properties. This includes large, and often complex, invasive weed infestations that affect many urban centres and brownfield sites. We provide detailed and accurate reporting and management planning, whilst ensuring compliance with relevant legislation, through to the practical implementation of the required services. Our services are used in response to known issues and, increasingly, as a pre-emptive tool against portfolio degradation.

As an end-to-end service provider, PBA offers

  • Expert consultancy for invasive weed control and tree surveying
  • Practical, effective treatment, control and removal of invasive weeds
  • Rapid-response solutions to known issues, as well as pre-emptive countermeasures
  • Large-scale mapping and GPS/GIS data collection and analysis
  • Solutions for urban centres and out-of-town sites

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