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Whether you need root barrier membrane in the form of protection fabric for Japanese knotweed containment or to control tree roots we have the solution!


What is a root barrier?

This typically refers to root barrier or root barrier membrane, which comes in many varieties. Most are solid, plastic root barriers, as these are easy to install and relatively cost effective to manufacture.

The different forms of membrane, and their uses, can be split follows:


  1. Vertical barrier is used to block tree roots and those of invasive species.
  2. Flexible root barrier can be used both horizontally and vertically. Typical use cases include installation below drives and when developing external spaces, to prevent weeds emerging.
  3. Composite and flexible barriers proven to block or contain invasive species such as Japanese knotweed and bamboo.

What is root barrier made of?

Most types of root barrier are made of plastic, with polypropylene frequently selected due to its inherent longevity. Since the main purpose of root barrier is to resist roots, it should be considered how this is best achieved.

The thickness of a barrier is of course a factor. However, woven polypropylene barriers have a structure that often has a higher puncture resistance compared to a nonwoven root barrier of greater thickness. Barriers made from this construction achieve this, whilst also maintaining more flexibility than the nonwoven alternative.

A good way to assess plastic membrane performance is to look at puncture resistance. It is, however, far more likely that a plastic root barrier will get punctured by a sharp object within the soil than by plant roots penetrating the barrier. So, puncture resistance is hugely important for plastic barriers; a punctured barrier will be inherently weakened.



What is the best root barrier to use?

When selecting the best barrier to use, the task to be undertaken should be considered. Further details of Root Barrier Types and Uses are on the highlighted page PBA of the PBA Solutions site. They can also be found for each individual product listed in our online Root Barrier Store.

We stock a broad range; from composite root barrier membrane – constructed by mechanically encapsulating copper sheet between polypropylene geotextiles, to specialist vertical root barrier design – used for tree planting.

Our specialist range of barriers includes permeable barriers, and root barriers with vertical ribs that navigate routes downwards to prevent root spiralling. Most of the vertical barriers can be purchased as preformed rings for direct installation into tree planting pits.

You’ll find root barrier, weed membrane and fleece in a variety of pre-cut sizes. However, if you are a trade customer with a specific job in mind, we can take away the stress with bespoke sizes cut to order, trade discount and we can even offer root barrier installation advice.


Premium-Grade Root Barrier Membrane Range

Our barrier range includes CuTex, the most technically advanced permeable barrier available. We also stock ReRoot Ribbed, probably the best solution for planting trees in urban spaces.

PBA Solutions can advise on the most appropriate barrier fabric for your needs and can design, sell and install a superior range of specialist barriers selected to meet the varied demands of civil engineering, development and tree-related subsidence projects, and issues with residential properties.

Visit to view all our root barrier products.



CuTex is tough, flexible, permeable and versatile, uniquely incorporating a copper layer that deflects root growth. Manufactured by GeoFabrics, CuTex is a brilliant all-rounder. This is our top recommendation as a Japanese knotweed root barrier, giving excellent results across a wide range of scenarios.

ResourceCutex Root Barrier Data Sheet
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CuTex Root Barrier Roll


Flexi-Root is a flexible root barrier that is quick and easy to install making it very cost effective. Flexi-Root is a non-permeable interwoven polypropylene geotextile suitable for use both vertically and horizontally.

ResourceFlexiRoot Barrier Data Sheet
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FlexiRoot barrier roll


ReRoot Ribbed is durable, flexible solution that diverts roots downward, prevents damage to surroundings, and protects paved surfaces, utilities, and trees. Made from recycled HDPE, it easily curves around obstacles while maintaining rigidity, guiding roots away from vulnerable areas and eliminating pavement hazards.

ResourceReRoot Ribbed Barrier Data Sheet
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ReRoot Ribbed Roll


Need help? That’s what we specialise in

Deciding on the type of barrier, where to locate it and how deep the barrier should be installed, will depend on the root species you are trying to control or block. Ground conditions will also play a factor, along with the practicalities of the installation.

This is where PBA solutions comes in, we can specify and design route barrier solutions tailored to meet your needs. This service is offered throughout the UK and is backed by, PBA Solutions, accredited invasive weed specialists and professional arboriculturists. Call 0203 174 2187 or 01202 816134 to talk to one of our consultants today.



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