Japanese Knotweed and Mortgage Compliance

Despite everything you’ve heard, selling or obtaining a mortgage on a property that is impacted by Japanese knotweed can be a straightforward and (relatively) pain-free process. At PBA Solutions we routinely provide Japanese knotweed and mortgage solutions to meet vendor, buyer and lender requirements. We’ll even work with your estate agent and solicitor to help make things run that bit more smoothly. Our Japanese Knotweed Mortgage-Compliant Programme (MCP) is a unique service that delivers everything you need to keep your property transaction moving.

What’s included in a Japanese knotweed Mortgage Compliant Programme?

Our Mortgage-Compliant Programme (MCP) is a unique service that delivers everything you need to keep your property transaction moving, including:

  • A formal survey from a PCA accredited invasive weed surveyor.
  • A structured Knotweed Management Plan that details clearly the action to be taken and is geared to your property.
  • An accurate plan drawing locating the infestation in relation to the subject dwelling.
  • A detailed quotation that lets you see exactly what you’re paying for.
  • A knotweed treatment programme with additional monitoring that is designed just for your property.
  • A bespoke 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) that gives you and any potential buyer real peace of mind.
  • A secure Client account or Escrow funding account through a FCA authorised provider, protecting your investment.
  • Accurate and detailed records of all treatments carried out.

What are the components of a knotweed Mortgage-Compliant Programme?


How do I get started?

Getting free, impartial advice is where it starts. When you phone us, one of our experts will help you through the red tape, dispel the myths and scare stories and provide a practical Japanese knotweed control solution. After you instruct us to proceed, we’ll take you through the steps needed to get everything up and running and we’ll try to make the whole thing as painless as possible.

We’ve actioned hundreds of Japanese Knotweed Mortgage Compliant Programmes for our clients over the years, so we know they work. Let us help you get your property transaction back on track and don’t let the knotweed win!

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