Japanese knotweed Mortgage Problems?

At PBA we are always hearing from customers trying to arrange mortgages on properties blighted by Japanese knotweed. We are therefore delighted to have collaborated with Tim Rainey, an experienced Mortgage Broker who over the last 3 years has been handling all of PBA’s Japanese knotweed mortgage enquires. In fact, Tim has also fallen victim to Japanese knotweed when extending his own home. We therefore feel confident in recommending Tim to you if you need help with finding a residential mortgage solutions for a property affected by Japanese knotweed.

While some mortgage companies will not lend against such properties, many will – subject to conditions. These conditions require that a Japanese knotweed Management Plan is in place with a company who is a member of the Property Care Association (PCA), with the necessary treatment programme and an Insurance Backed Guarantee in place. PBA Solutions have been a trusted provider of these packages since inception.

Japanese Knotweed Mortgage Broker Service:

Point of Contact: Tim Rainey  Dip PFS Cert SMP

As a Mortgage broker who has been specialising in Japanese knotweed Mortgages Tim has first-hand experience in getting customers a Mortgage lender that accepts Japanese knotweed. To achieve this Tim works closely with PBA who assess properties providing him with key information in order that the most appropriate lenders are approached for a mortgage.

As a Senior Mortgage and Protection Consultant, Tim has established a Nationwide reputation for his specific areas of expertise; notably mortgage and personal financial advice for home and business owners and is well versed in dealing with more complex income situations and properties impacted by Japanese knotweed.

With more than 20 years’ experience in the financial services sector having covered all areas of Financial Planning to individuals and small business, Tim is very well placed to provide personalized information and advice. He has been successful in arranging mortgages for a number PBA Solutions client who have, both purchased and mortgaged and he can talk knowledgably about such situations.

To request a call back please contact Tim via the Japanese knotweed Mortgage form here.

To request information on a Japanese knotweed Management Plan and Insurance Backed guarantee please complete this form.


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