Many public sector organisations will at some stage need to arrange for knotweed to be treated. PBA’s Japanese knotweed management plans for public sector organisations have been designed with their specific needs in mind. It’s the best way for to set objectives, identify any threats or limitations and select the best methodology.

In addition to good management practices, these plans can be expanded to provide insurance backed guarantees whoever these guarantees are primarily designed for private landowners can be included but some adaption may be required.

Fundamentally, Japanese Knotweed Management Plans for the public sector must achieve the following:

  1. Identify the location and extent of Japanese knotweed
  2. Describe the size, maturity, and health of the Japanese knotweed
  3. Set objectives for the treatment of Japanese knotweed
  4. Evaluation methodology for treatment evaluating and different control
  5. Provide a detailed plan for implementation
  6. Assess how implementation will be evaluated
  7. Set out resource needs

Who is going to write the management plan?

In theory, anyone with some horticultural or ecological knowledge could write management plan. However, will such a plan work?

As Albert Einstein said, “The only source of knowledge is Experience”

A specialist such as PBA Solutions has surveyors trained, qualified, and experienced to provide management plans that are relevant, with achievable reasoned outcomes, which are affordable.

At the very least a good plan must focus on the specific needs and objectives of the site in question. There is a big difference between excavating Japanese knotweed and administering a herbicide treatment plan, therefore knowing which methodology to use is crucial.  You see, excavation costs can be considerable, but once completed can eradicate knotweed. Whilst herbicide treatment is cost effective but provides a control measure. Both methods work well in the right situation.

Employing the right people with the correct experience is essential in getting the best outcome. After all, Albert never got it wrong!

How to implement a Japanese knotweed Management Plan

Using a specialist is often the only real solution. They are the ones with the qualified staff, the licences, safety training and, who most importantly can provide insurance backed guarantees if they are needed.

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