And The PCA Contractor Of The Year 2019 Goes To…

Bamboo | 04th January 2020

What makes an award-winning company? Unless you live in some Trumpian* version of our economy where backhanders, nepotism, threats and favours are the means to winning trophies then my guess is that it usually comes down to some genuinely positive factors.

In our case, the PCA Contractor of the Year Award comes as a reward for sustained hard work and a willingness to strive for better. I know, you’ve heard it all before, but we’ve never won this award before so bear with me.

PCA Awards PBA Solutions

At PBA Solutions we’re never content simply to do the basics or follow the crowd. Although we always employ best practice when dealing with non-native invasive weeds, we like to look ahead and seek out better ways of surveying, reporting on and dealing with the plants that cause problems for people and ecologies alike.

We have always had regular dealings with the unholy trio of Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam and Giant hogweed, but the past year has seen us also looking at lesser-known troublemakers like American skunk cabbage, Giant rhubarb and bamboo. Instead of running scared, we thrive on the diversity and the chance to pit our skills against new challenges.

The market we live in has been tough for the last few years with economic pressures, aided by uncertainties and deadlock in the political landscape and stagnation in the housing sector, all playing their part. But PBA Solutions stands strong as an example of how a smaller business can, even in the tough times, bring value to a diversity of clients by being responsive and nimble where needed, yet consistent and reliable, underpinned as we are by strong core values. From individual homeowners to housing associations to the biggest developers in the country, we can, and do, work effectively for them all.

As early proponents of root barrier for invasive weed control schemes, we have developed into established consultants and suppliers of innovative barrier products like CuTex, a product so capable that it’s become our own go-to for the barrier installations we carry out ourselves.

You might think that we’re using this blog as an excuse to brag and that we’re just bigging ourselves up, but we’re not in the business of fake news. And, as soon as this blog is posted, it’ll be back to business as usual and there won’t be time for boasting then.

To quote someone who had a hand in our award, PBA Solutions “is well organised and efficient, with excellent record keeping and they work to a high standard”. If you’d like to know more about PBA Solutions, what we do and how we can help you, just get in touch.

And lastly, a very Happy New Year to you here’s hoping for a prosperous and successful 2020.

*We use the word ‘Trumpian’ in a generalised and completely non-specific and unbiased way. We’re not saying that anyone, in particular, has used or would ever use any form of bribery or corruption as a means to getting their own way.

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