8 Key Features of Cutex Root Barrier

Japanese Knotweed | 26th March 2020
  • Blocks root growth in two ways

The copper film in CuTex root barrier isn’t there just for show. As well as physically obstructing roots, this copper root barrier sends out a chemical warning to any roots that get too close, resulting in the tips of those roots halting growth or changing course. CuTex is the only root barrier in the world to employ copper in this way.

  • Permeable

The trouble with traditional membranes is that they are a very effective barrier to water. This may not seem like a big deal, but consider what happens if you use a traditional root barrier horizontally. Water is likely to pool on top of the barrier, whatever depth it’s installed at and the larger the barrier area, the worse the problem will be. This may cause waterlogging at ground level, or become a very attractive reservoir for tree roots, causing a build-up of roots just where you don’t want them.

Because CuTex is permeable, this waterlogging problem doesn’t occur, and the size of the area installed horizontally doesn’t make any difference. Water can flow through the CuTex permeable bio root barrier easily meaning that you don’t get a pool on one side of the barrier. This stands for vertical CuTex installations also. No pooling, no ‘reservoir’, no problems with root build-up.

  • Strong

CuTex is a unique multi-layered geocomposite root barrier product. The designers of Cutex wanted to make this product tough, so they included a woven layer and a non-woven layer to sandwich the copper film. The woven layer imparts mechanical strength, whilst the non-woven side ensures that fibres in the root barrier are aligned at random, making it much harder to cut through. These properties mean that CuTex doesn’t puncture easily like a traditional root barrier membrane.

  • Durable

Whether it’s the car, the washing machine or our mobile, we all know products that simply don’t live up to expectations when it comes to lifespan. Fortunately, CuTex root barrier doesn’t fall into this category. With a manufacturer-guaranteed working life of 100 years, CuTex will do its job day after day without any fuss.

  • Flexible

Despite being super-tough, CuTex permeable bio root barrier is flexible enough to be easily managed in most root barrier installations. It isn’t ‘stretchy’ in the traditional sense but copes well nevertheless with bends, curves and undulations. This allows CuTex to be employed in a wide range of root barrier applications, including being formed around buried services such as water and drainage pipes.

  • Multi-purpose

The range of applications for CuTex root barrier is impressive. It is adept at protecting boundaries as well as capping roots or Japanese knotweed rhizomes that cannot be removed from the soil. It can be employed horizontally (without fear of water build-up), vertically and on any angle. And because it has textured outer surfaces, it can even be bonded into concrete at the pour stage; this allows for example, CuTex to be joined seamlessly into footings for walls. The list doesn’t end there, as CuTex permeable bio root barrier makes a very effective cell burial container which allows for drainage through the cell and prevents the retention of dangerous gases such as methane inside the cell. CuTex sheets can be joined by overlapping or folding, using tape or with heat welding, meaning that it copes brilliantly across a range of applications.

  • Tried

For more than ten years, CuTex has been used as an effective (and cost-effective) root barrier system throughout the UK. During that time its popularity has increased and the range of applications has diversified as more and more people have woken up to the advantages that CuTex holds over traditional root barrier membranes. CuTex has been put through its paces by developers and homeowners alike and has now become the go-to product for project specifiers where boundary protection or capping against invasive weed roots is required.

  • Tested

Let’s put this simply.

CuTex is the only root barrier to have been successfully tested against ingress by Japanese knotweed.

In our opinion, this is huge. No other manufacturer has taken the step of scientifically and independently testing their product against the rhizome growth of this infamous non-native invasive weed.  Having a product that is proven to work and is readily available is a massive bonus in the fight against Japanese knotweed, for homeowners and developers alike.

Cutex Root Barrier

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