How to choose a Japanese Knotweed Specialist

Japanese Knotweed | 20th March 2020

Helping you make the right choice when it comes to a Japanese knotweed specialist

Removing Japanese knotweed requires a professional Japanese knotweed specialist who is experienced and qualified to get you the best results. Most importantly, ignoring Japanese knotweed is not an option as the problem will only get worse over time.

If you have knotweed and want to sell property, develop land or avoid costly legal disputes you will need a Japanese knotweed expert on your side.


Is there a Japanese knotweed specialist near me?

In a perfect world, you would have a Japanese knotweed specialist on your doorstep: in reality, this is unlikely. So it’s most important that you find an expert that works in your area, who understands you and your specific knotweed situation, who is creditworthy, knowledgeable and able to back up their services with insurance backed guarantees and client funded accounts to give you maximum financial protection.

How to identify good Japanese knotweed removal companies?

Being the first accredited Japanese knotweed company in the UK, PBA Solutions has seen companies come and go and, while the industry is now much better regulated thanks to trade organisations such as the Property Care Association, there are still good and bad companies out there.

The following 3 pointers can be used to ensure you pick the very best company to get your Japanese knotweed removed.

  1. Credit check. Google “free credit check” to look at your preferred Japanese knotweed specialist. Remember, treating knotweed properly takes 3-5 years of funded treatment with an additional 10-year guarantee. You need a specialist who will stay with you and is NOT ABOUT TO GO BUST taking your money with them!
  2. Accreditations.  The first step is to use a PCA member company but as with all trade bodies there are good and bad members. To avoid the bad ones use a company that has CHAS, Safe Contractor and Construction Line accreditation. These accreditations demonstrate good safety standards which in turn is an indicator of a good company.
  3. Consumer Protection.  The first thing is to check is that they have public liability insurance, ideally with cover of £5m+. Similarly to trade as a Japanese knotweed expert, professional indemnity insurance is required, ideally with cover of £1m+. Also, the company must be able to offer insurance backed guarantee’s (IBG’s) provided by a recognised insurer such as GPI insurance. Finally, you need to know that your money is safe during the 3-5 years of treatment as some guarantees don’t start straight away. The most secure method is to use a client funded account or escrow account that is attached to the knotweed management plan.

How to approach a Japanese knotweed expert

You should seek out good advice over the phone before deciding on a firm to use and price alone must not be the only driver. Importantly it is worth discussing what type of knotweed IBG and funding is required. You should also be guided by the expert on how to work with neighbours and get advice on what legal hurdles you may need to overcome.

Once you have a specialist on board the first step is to get Japanese knotweed identification verified and ultimately this has to be done through a survey. At PBA Solutions we will verify photos of weed species and then complete the initial homeowner survey often without any charge.

How much does a Japanese knotweed management plan cost?

Let’s be clear – a free Japanese knotweed management plan is likely to be poor quality and unsuitable for relying on from a legal standpoint. So don’t be tempted. However, from our experience, many firms will subsidise the management plan in order to get the complete package of Japanese knotweed removal or treatment.  So make sure you compare like for like. A good company will allow you to pay for and receive the management plan before it starts so you can make sure it works for you. This is important if you’re in the process of selling your property.

So to answer the big question – how much does a Japanese knotweed management plan cost? We would expect residential consumers to be paying £200-£600 for a report. And the next question would be how much does a Japanese knotweed treatment programme cost? We would suggest between £1200-£3000 subject to the size and extent of the infestation.

How PBA Solutions can help you

As an award-winning Japanese knotweed specialist, we are one of the most credible firms in the country, offering comprehensive solutions that are fully backed by

  • A range of insurance backed guarantees
  • £5 million Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • £5 million Public Liability insurance
  • CHAS, Safe Contractor, Construction Line, Trust Mark, SMAS, Accredited
  • Client fund accounts and Escrow accounts to ringfence your money until treatment visits are made
  • Discreet vans, friendly NPTC/PCA qualified knotweed technicians
  • Free homeowner surveys and development appraisals for quoting

Need expert advice?

If you need a Japanese knotweed specialist near you, PBA Solutions operate throughout the UK so feel free to call us on 0203 174 2187.



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