5 Benefits Of A Residential Japanese Knotweed Survey

Japanese Knotweed | 09th July 2020

Why bother getting a Japanese knotweed survey done on your property?

Well if you’re not aware Japanese knotweed has the ability to contaminate land and can threaten structures particularly paths and patios. If it gets into neighbouring land you can become liable. The number of legal claims relating to knotweed encroachment is alarming. A Japanese knotweed survey can help.

If you have a Japanese knotweed problem, you need a Japanese knotweed survey in order to develop a treatment plan to get rid of it. Likewise, If you’re looking to buy a property it’s often wise to get a Japanese knotweed findings report and survey done so that you know whether or not the property in question has Japanese knotweed.

Sample plan site plan

This image shows an example of a Japanese Knotweed survey plan drawing.

So what are the main benefits of a Japanese knotweed survey:

1. Locating Japanese knotweed

If you use a qualified Japanese knotweed survey or who has professional indemnity insurance is a prerequisite (PBA carry £5M PI insurance far more than many of our competitors!) you will get a clear, unbiased survey. They would be highly skilled at Japanese knotweed identification and would look for signs of concealment, assess age, previous treatment attempts and perhaps most importantly the threat Japanese knotweed presents to the property. Also having knotweed correctly located can make a big difference in Japanese knotweed removal cost.

2. Determining the extent of the impact on the property

There are three elements to determining the extent of knotweed in a property. The first is the visible extent which will change depending on the seasons as knotweed dies back. The second is the impacted area where rhizomes have will have extended to. The impacted area is the extent to which excavation would need to be completed and this makes a big difference to Japanese knotweed removal cost.

3. Evaluating if their encroachment is an issue

In many instances, Japanese knotweed will straddle several properties. As a result, it is often necessary to determine where the knotweed came from. Japanese knotweed cases based on private nuisance are becoming more common place, where the person or organisation responsible could be be held responsible for remediation and diminished property value. Getting a professional Japanese knotweed survey done will assist both claimant and defendant.

4. Assessing future risk

Once knotweed has been identified it is important to know what the future risks are. The level of risk can vary dramatically. Where knotweed is growing near property boundaries or near watercourses there is an elevated risk of encroachment and any landowner who has knotweed must control it and prevent it from spreading as defined by the Wildlife and Countryside Act.

Similarly, where knotweed is near the dwelling it is a greater risk that than at the back of a garden as it could exploit and damage building foundations. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has published an Information Paper IP27/2012 titled “Japanese Knotweed and Residential Property” where they categorise risk. Lenders also have their own interpretations on risk so as a rule of thumb if knotweed is within 7m of a dwelling or property boundary the risk of knotweed is elevated.

5. Defining knotweed management objectives

After a survey has been completed the objectives for dealing with Japanese knotweed can be determined this is often completed within a knotweed management plan that will evaluate treatment methodology and make a recommendation on the most sensible course of action to deal with the Japanese knotweed.

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PBA Solutions are PCA accredited company who have a wealth of experience in effectively undertaking a Japanese knotweed Survey. What’s more PBA’s Managing Director Jon Barton was a contributor to The RICS Information Paper IP27/2012 titled “Japanese Knotweed and Residential Property” and has in-depth knowledge on what property professionals and solicitors look for in Japanese knotweed surveys and management plans. But that’s not all PBA Solutions have worked hard get their Japanese knotweed Survey cost down. So if you want to know more please contact us for more information.

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