Japanese Knotweed & Invasive Weed Public Sector Management Plans.

When you’re going through the process of selling your property, you’ll be asked to fill in the solicitors TA6 form which instructs that a knotweed survey and Management Plan are carried out. It’s important to remember that this process alone does not complete the process; a scheduled treatment plan must also be actioned by the vendor. The treatment process will be outlined within the Management Plan. However, a Management Plan is a fundamental component of the process, allowing insurance backed guarantees to be purchased and giving buyers, solicitors and property professionals a clear insight to how a control plan will work.

In their Code of Practice for dealing with knotweed on developments, the Environment Agency has set out a clear format for a Knotweed Management Plan which can also be used for other invasive plant species. This format is best when applied practically, using development objectives to inform the choice of control measures and find the most appropriate control plan. By employing a specialist invasive weed company who have experienced surveyors, clients can expect the best fit with their objectives of saving time and money while delivering a development on time and within budget.

Know What You’re Buying!

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  • Use a PCA accredited invasive weed control specialist
  • Ensure they have a trained and qualified surveyor
  • Ask to see a sample report
  • Make sure the Management Plan includes a detailed description of the infestation with a photographic record, an explanation of the control options, an accurate scaled drawing and recorded survey data
  • If it’s a free document, the chances are it won’t be a Management Plan
  • Some companies use a Management Plan as another sales document – be cautious!

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