CuTex - What is it for and how does it work?

CuTex - The Permeable Copper Composite Root Barrier 

(previously called Bio-Root Barrier X) 

Having impressive properties being a tough physical barrier, yet flexible and permeable! 

CuTex copper composite (Bio-Root Barrier X) is an incredibly versatile geocomposite permeable root barrier.

The only geocomposite permeable root barrier in production, CuTex, works as a biological barrier using a unique micro-perforated copper foil layer firmly embedded between two layers of geotextile (woven and non-woven). The copper releases an inert chemical signal to which roots are adverse, deflecting their growth away from the barrier.

This innovative root barrier is truly multi-purpose and suitable for many applications, especially where water and nutrient flow is important. Conventional root barrier often creates a ‘wet side’ once it has been installed which attracts plant roots. CuTex (Bio-Root Barrier X), alleviates this problem as it is permeable.

CuTex can be physically bonded to itself and to many types of building construction at foundation level, forming an incredibly strong seal against root ingress.

In the example below CuTex copper composite root barrier is being installed as a protection against tree roots from newly planted trees affecting neighbouring properties. CuTex can also be used to manage mature trees, invasive plants such as Japanese knotweed, and other situations which require a durable yet permable solution.


CuTex (Bio-Root Barrier X) offers;

  • Geocomposite structure of CuTex makes it the most rugged, robust, and durable root barrier, suited to the most demanding construction environments
  • Water permeable avoiding hydrostatic pressure issues
  • Dual protection: high-performance barrier with both physical and biological properties
  • Unique copper layer diverts roots away from barrier
  • Easily joined by tape and prayer fold, or by heat welding, to create any size of barrier
  • Flexible for easy fitting around services, foundations, trenches and ditches
  • Economic installation, usually installed without additional sand or fleece layers which means lower installation cost and time on site
  • 50-year service life expectancy to comply with EA recommendations (anticipated 100 year plus effectiveness)


Applications CuTex (Bio-Root Barrier X)
Type of Barrier: Permeable, flexible, composite sheet with copper foil layer.
Lining service trenches: Yes
Vertical and horizontal foundation faces Yes
Aggressive plant root/rhizome containment e.g. Bamboo Yes
Japanese knotweed rhizome growth containment Yes
Capping-off knotweed in traffic areas Yes
Trees & wind movement Yes
Shrinkable soils & tree roots Yes
Vertical barrier Yes
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Downloadable Info - Cutex Research Summary

Resource CuTex Root Barrier Research Summary
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Common usage of CuTex includes;

Japanese knotweed: physical barrier to property boundaries, vertical and horizontal installation, burial of Japanese knotweed

Trees: root incursion prevention, property subsidence remediation, protecting pipes and services underground

Available in complete roll sizes of: 
5.2m x 50m,
5.2m x 25m
2.6m x 50m
2.6m x 25m
Or cut lengths in multiples of 5m
A special heavy duty Joining Tape is available, as well as installation instructions for CuTex permeable root barrier. Please ask for details.

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