VertiRoot Barrier

Semi-Ridgid Root Barrier - Verti-Root

Verti-Root Barrier is a semi-rigid root barrier which effectively fills the gap between rigid and flexible barriers, making it the practical choice in many vertical install situations (it can also be installed horizontally). The barrier uses a technically advanced fabric developed by DuPont which prevents and contains aggressive root growth. This tough 100% polypropylene fabric is nonwoven with a waterproof coating and is completely recyclable.

Not only is this barrier easy to use and available in a range of sizes, it is a relatively economical product. The composition of this material is such that it is inert and therefore presents no risk to the environment. Verti-Root Barrier is also impermeable, creating a watertight barrier, which in many situations can be highly advantageous.

  • Rigid barrier for ease of use when creating a vertical root barrier
  • Chemically inert
  • Available in a range of roll lengths
  • Simple to use for aggressive plant root containment, e.g. bamboo
Applications Flexi-Root Barrier
Type of Barrier:  Impermeable, semi-rigid
Lining service trenches  Yes
Vertical and horizontal foundation faces  Yes
Aggressive plant root/rhizome containment e.g. Bamboo  Yes
Japanese knotweed rhizome growth containment  Yes
Capping-off knotweed in traffic areas  Yes
Shrinkable soils & tree roots  Yes
Vertical barrier  Yes - 2 metre depth
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